The Perfect Valentine’s Day Recipe

Valentine's Day Recipe


The Lakeshore staff has been slaving away in the kitchen all week in an effort to concoct the perfect Valentine’s Day dish. After weeks of research and experimentation, the team has put together a recipe that will be sure to warm the heart of even the most discerning valentine.

Start by slicing through the hotel deals listed our recent newsletter (and on our Facebook page), with rates starting as low as $69 per night. After the hotel deals have settled, combine the hotel specials with several inches of Fresh Powder, forecasted to blanket the region this weekend.

Mix in warming temps, with highs in the mid 30s, and top off with a flight on Lakeshore Express, using special coupon code “CUPID” for discounts off weekend fares.

Let this special concoction settle for 15 minutes then serve to your valentine, along with a dollop of love.

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