Date  Day of Week Departure Arrival Departure Time of Day
3/20/14 Thursday PTK MDW 8am
3/20/14 Thursday MDW PTK 4:45pm
3/20/14 Thursday PTK PLN 7:15pm
3/21/14 Friday PLN PTK 8:05am
3/21/14 Friday PTK MDW 9:35am
3/21/14 Friday MDW PTK 5pm
3/21/14 Friday PTK PLN 7:30pm
3/23/14 Sunday PLN PTK 3pm
3/23/14 Sunday PTK MDW 4:30pm
3/23/14 Sunday MDW PTK 5:11pm
3/23/14 Sunday PTK PLN 7:41pm
3/24/14 Monday PLN PTK 8:15am
3/24/14 Monday PTK MDW 9:45am
3/24/14 Monday MDW PTK 10:26am
3/27/14 Thursday PTK MDW 8am
3/27/14 Thursday MDW PTK 4:45pm
3/27/14 Thursday PTK PLN 7:15pm
3/28/14 Friday PLN PTK 8:05am
3/28/14 Friday PTK MDW 9:35am
3/28/14 Friday MDW PTK 5pm
3/28/14 Friday PTK PLN 7:30pm
3/30/14 Sunday PLN PTK 3pm
3/30/14 Sunday PTK MDW 4:30pm
3/30/14 Sunday MDW PTK 5:11pm
3/30/14 Sunday PTK PLN 7:41pm
3/31/14 Monday PLN PTK 8:15am
3/31/14 Monday PTK MDW 9:45am
3/31/14 Monday MDW PTK 10:26am
4/3/14 Thursday PTK MDW 8am
4/3/14 Thursday MDW PTK 4:45pm
4/4/14 Friday PTK MDW 9:35am
4/4/14 Friday MDW PTK 5pm
4/6/14 Sunday PTK MDW 4:30pm
4/6/14 Sunday MDW PTK 5:11pm
4/7/14 Monday PTK MDW 9:45am
4/7/14 Monday MDW PTK 10:26am
4/10/14 Thursday PTK MDW 8am
4/10/14 Thursday MDW PTK 4:45pm
4/11/14 Friday PTK MDW 9:35am
4/11/14 Friday MDW PTK 5pm
4/13/14 Sunday PTK MDW 4:30pm
4/13/14 Sunday MDW PTK 5:11pm
4/14/14 Monday PTK MDW 9:45am
4/14/14 Monday MDW PTK 10:26am
4/17/14 Thursday PTK MDW 8AM
4/17/14 Thursday MDW PTK 8:39AM
4/17/14 Thursday PTK PLN 2:30PM
4/17/14 Thursday PLN MDW 4:19PM
4/17/14 Thursday MDW PLN 5:30PM
4/18/14 Friday PLN PTK 7:15AM
4/18/14 Friday PTK MDW 8:44AM
4/18/14 Friday MDW PTK 9:23AM
4/18/14 Friday PTK PLN 2:30PM
4/18/14 Friday PLN MDW 4:19PM
4/18/14 Friday MDW PLN 5:30PM
4/20/14 Sunday PLN PTK 2PM
4/20/14 Sunday PTK MDW 3:30PM
4/20/14 Sunday MDW PLN 4:11PM
4/20/14 Sunday PLN MDW 6:56PM
4/20/14 Sunday MDW PTK 7:51PM
4/21/14 Monday PTK PLN 5AM
4/21/14 Monday PLN PTK 6:30AM
4/21/14 Monday PTK PLN 8AM
4/21/14 Monday PLN MDW 9:30AM
4/24/14 Thursday PTK MDW 8am
4/24/14 Thursday MDW PTK 4:45pm
4/25/14 Friday PTK MDW 9:35am
4/25/14 Friday MDW PTK 5pm
4/27/14 Sunday PTK MDW 4:30pm
4/27/14 Sunday MDW PTK 5:11pm
4/28/14 Monday PTK MDW 9:45am
4/28/14 Monday MDW PTK 10:26am
5/1/14 Thursday PTK MDW 8AM
5/1/14 Thursday PTK PLN 2:30PM
5/1/14 Thursday PLN MDW 4:19PM
5/1/14 Thursday MDW PTK 5PM
5/1/14 Thursday MDW PLN 5:45PM
5/2/14 Friday PTK MDW 9AM
5/2/14 Friday PLN PTK 1PM
5/2/14 Friday PTK PLN 2:30PM
5/2/14 Friday PLN MDW 4:19PM
5/2/14 Friday MDW PTK 5PM
5/2/14 Friday MDW PLN 5:45PM
5/4/14 Sunday PLN PTK 2:30PM
5/4/14 Sunday PTK PLN 4PM
5/4/14 Sunday PTK MDW 3:30PM
5/4/14 Sunday PLN MDW 5:45PM
5/4/14 Sunday MDW PTK 4:15PM
5/4/14 Sunday MDW PLN 6:45PM
5/5/14 Monday PTK PLN 6AM
5/5/14 Monday PLN PTK 7:45AM
5/5/14 Monday PLN MDW 9AM
5/5/14 Monday MDW PLN 10:45AM
5/8/14 Thursday PTK MDW 8AM
5/8/14 Thursday PTK PLN 2:30PM
5/8/14 Thursday PLN MDW 4:19PM
5/8/14 Thursday MDW PTK 5PM
5/8/14 Thursday MDW PLN 5:45PM
5/9/14 Friday PTK MDW 9AM
5/9/14 Friday PLN PTK 1PM
5/9/14 Friday PTK PLN 2:30PM
5/9/14 Friday PLN MDW 4:19PM
5/9/14 Friday MDW PTK 5PM
5/9/14 Friday MDW PLN 5:45PM
5/11/14 Sunday PLN PTK 2:30PM
5/11/14 Sunday PTK PLN 4PM
5/11/14 Sunday PTK MDW 3:30PM
5/11/14 Sunday PLN MDW 5:45PM
5/11/14 Sunday MDW PTK 4:15PM
5/11/14 Sunday MDW PLN 6:45PM
5/12/14 Monday PTK PLN 6AM
5/12/14 Monday PLN PTK 7:45AM
5/12/14 Monday PLN MDW 9AM
5/12/14 Monday MDW PLN 10:45AM
5/15/14 Thursday PTK MDW 8AM
5/15/14 Thursday PTK PLN 2:30PM
5/15/14 Thursday PLN MDW 4:19PM
5/15/14 Thursday MDW PTK 5PM
5/15/14 Thursday MDW PLN 5:45PM
5/16/14 Friday PTK MDW 9AM
5/16/14 Friday PLN PTK 1PM
5/16/14 Friday PTK PLN 2:30PM
5/16/14 Friday PLN MDW 4:19PM
5/16/14 Friday MDW PTK 5PM
5/16/14 Friday MDW PLN 5:45PM
5/18/14 Sunday PLN PTK 2:30PM
5/18/14 Sunday PTK PLN 4PM
5/18/14 Sunday PTK MDW 3:30PM
5/18/14 Sunday PLN MDW 5:45PM
5/18/14 Sunday MDW PTK 4:15PM
5/18/14 Sunday MDW PLN 6:45PM
5/19/14 Monday PTK PLN 6AM
5/19/14 Monday PLN PTK 7:45AM
5/19/14 Monday PLN MDW 9AM
5/19/14 Monday MDW PLN 10:45AM
5/22/14 Thursday PTK MDW 8AM
5/22/14 Thursday PTK PLN 2:30PM
5/22/14 Thursday PLN MDW 4:19PM
5/22/14 Thursday MDW PTK 5PM
5/22/14 Thursday MDW PLN 5:45PM
5/23/14 Friday PTK MDW 9AM
5/23/14 Friday PTK PLN 2:30PM
5/23/14 Friday PLN MDW 4:19PM
5/23/14 Friday MDW PTK 5PM
5/23/14 Friday MDW PLN 5:45PM
5/26/14 Monday PLN PTK 2:30PM
5/26/14 Monday PTK MDW 3:30PM
5/26/14 Monday PLN MDW 5:45PM
5/26/14 Monday MDW PTK 4:15PM
5/26/14 Monday MDW PLN 6:45PM
5/27/14 Tuesday PLN PTK 7:45AM
5/27/14 Tuesday PLN MDW 9:30AM
5/27/14 Tuesday MDW PTK 10:30AM
5/27/14 Tuesday PTK PLN 2PM
5/28/14 Wednesday PTK PLN 8AM
5/30/14 Friday PLN PTK 10:30AM
5/30/14 Friday PTK PLN 11:30AM
5/30/14 Friday PLN PTK 1:30PM
6/5/14 Thursday PTK MDW 8AM
6/5/14 Thursday PTK PLN 2:30PM
6/5/14 Thursday PLN MDW 4:19PM
6/5/14 Thursday MDW PTK 5PM
6/5/14 Thursday MDW PLN 5:45PM
6/6/14 Friday PTK MDW 9AM
6/6/14 Friday PLN PTK 1PM
6/6/14 Friday PTK PLN 2:30PM
6/6/14 Friday PLN MDW 4:19PM
6/6/14 Friday MDW PTK 5PM
6/6/14 Friday MDW PLN 5:45PM
6/8/14 Sunday PLN PTK 2:30PM
6/8/14 Sunday PTK PLN 4PM
6/8/14 Sunday PTK MDW 3:30PM
6/8/14 Sunday PLN MDW 5:45PM
6/8/14 Sunday MDW PTK 4:15PM
6/8/14 Sunday MDW PLN 6:45PM
6/9/14 Monday PTK PLN 6AM
6/9/14 Monday PLN PTK 7:45AM
6/9/14 Monday PLN MDW 9AM
6/9/14 Monday MDW PLN 10:45AM
6/12/14 Thursday PTK MDW 8AM
6/12/14 Thursday PTK PLN 2:30PM
6/12/14 Thursday PLN MDW 4:19PM
6/12/14 Thursday MDW PTK 5PM
6/12/14 Thursday MDW PLN 5:45PM
6/13/14 Friday PTK MDW 9AM
6/13/14 Friday PLN PTK 1PM
6/13/14 Friday PTK PLN 2:30PM
6/13/14 Friday PLN MDW 4:19PM
6/13/14 Friday MDW PTK 5PM
6/13/14 Friday MDW PLN 5:45PM
6/15/14 Sunday PLN PTK 2:30PM
6/15/14 Sunday PTK PLN 4PM
6/15/14 Sunday PTK MDW 3:30PM
6/15/14 Sunday PLN MDW 5:45PM
6/15/14 Sunday MDW PTK 4:15PM
6/15/14 Sunday MDW PLN 6:45PM
6/16/14 Monday PTK PLN 6AM
6/16/14 Monday PLN PTK 7:45AM
6/16/14 Monday PLN MDW 9AM
6/16/14 Monday MDW PLN 10:45AM
6/19/14 Thursday PTK MDW 8AM
6/19/14 Thursday PTK PLN 2:30PM
6/19/14 Thursday PLN MDW 4:19PM
6/19/14 Thursday MDW PTK 5PM
6/19/14 Thursday MDW PLN 5:45PM
6/20/14 Friday PTK MDW 9AM
6/20/14 Friday PLN PTK 1PM
6/20/14 Friday PTK PLN 2:30PM
6/20/14 Friday PLN MDW 4:19PM
6/20/14 Friday MDW PTK 5PM
6/20/14 Friday MDW PLN 5:45PM
6/22/14 Sunday PLN PTK 2:30PM
6/22/14 Sunday PTK PLN 4PM
6/22/14 Sunday PTK MDW 3:30PM
6/22/14 Sunday PLN MDW 5:45PM
6/22/14 Sunday MDW PTK 4:15PM
6/22/14 Sunday MDW PLN 6:45PM
6/23/14 Monday PTK PLN 6AM
6/23/14 Monday PLN PTK 7:45AM
6/23/14 Monday PLN MDW 9AM
6/23/14 Monday MDW PLN 10:45AM
6/26/14 Thursday PTK MDW 8AM
6/26/14 Thursday PTK PLN 2:30PM
6/26/14 Thursday PLN MDW 4:19PM
6/26/14 Thursday MDW PTK 5PM
6/26/14 Thursday MDW PLN 5:45PM
6/27/14 Friday PTK MDW 9AM
6/27/14 Friday PLN PTK 1PM
6/27/14 Friday PTK PLN 2:30PM
6/27/14 Friday PLN MDW 4:19PM
6/27/14 Friday MDW PTK 5PM
6/27/14 Friday MDW PLN 5:45PM
6/29/14 Sunday PLN PTK 2:30PM
6/29/14 Sunday PTK PLN 4PM
6/29/14 Sunday PTK MDW 3:30PM
6/29/14 Sunday PLN MDW 5:45PM
6/29/14 Sunday MDW PTK 4:15PM
6/29/14 Sunday MDW PLN 6:45PM
6/30/14 Monday PTK PLN 6AM
6/30/14 Monday PLN PTK 7:45AM
6/30/14 Monday PLN MDW 9AM
6/30/14 Monday MDW PLN 10:45AM
7/2/14 Wednesday PTK MDW 8AM
7/2/14 Wednesday PTK PLN 2:30PM
7/2/14 Wednesday PLN MDW 4:19PM
7/2/14 Wednesday MDW PTK 5PM
7/2/14 Wednesday MDW PLN 5:45PM
7/3/14 Thursday PTK MDW 9AM
7/3/14 Thursday PLN PTK 1PM
7/3/14 Thursday PTK PLN 2:30PM
7/3/14 Thursday PLN MDW 4:19PM
7/3/14 Thursday MDW PTK 5PM
7/3/14 Thursday MDW PLN 5:45PM
7/6/14 Sunday PLN PTK 2:30PM
7/6/14 Sunday PTK PLN 4PM
7/6/14 Sunday PTK MDW 3:30PM
7/6/14 Sunday PLN MDW 5:45PM
7/6/14 Sunday MDW PTK 4:15PM
7/6/14 Sunday MDW PLN 6:45PM
7/7/14 Monday PTK PLN 6AM
7/7/14 Monday PLN PTK 7:45AM
7/7/14 Monday PLN MDW 9AM
7/7/14 Monday MDW PLN 10:45AM
7/10/14 Thursday PTK MDW 8AM
7/10/14 Thursday PTK PLN 2:30PM
7/10/14 Thursday PLN MDW 4:19PM
7/10/14 Thursday MDW PTK 5PM
7/10/14 Thursday MDW PLN 5:45PM
7/11/14 Friday PTK MDW 9AM
7/11/14 Friday PLN PTK 1PM
7/11/14 Friday PTK PLN 2:30PM
7/11/14 Friday PLN MDW 4:19PM
7/11/14 Friday MDW PTK 5PM
7/11/14 Friday MDW PLN 5:45PM
7/13/14 Sunday PLN PTK 2:30PM
7/13/14 Sunday PTK PLN 4PM
7/13/14 Sunday PTK MDW 3:30PM
7/13/14 Sunday PLN MDW 5:45PM
7/13/14 Sunday MDW PTK 4:15PM
7/13/14 Sunday MDW PLN 6:45PM
7/14/14 Monday PTK PLN 6AM
7/14/14 Monday PLN PTK 7:45AM
7/14/14 Monday PLN MDW 9AM
7/14/14 Monday MDW PLN 10:45AM
7/17/14 Thursday PTK MDW 8AM
7/17/14 Thursday PTK PLN 2:30PM
7/17/14 Thursday PLN MDW 4:19PM
7/17/14 Thursday MDW PTK 5PM
7/17/14 Thursday MDW PLN 5:45PM
7/18/14 Friday PTK MDW 9AM
7/18/14 Friday PLN PTK 1PM
7/18/14 Friday PTK PLN 2:30PM
7/18/14 Friday PLN MDW 4:19PM
7/18/14 Friday MDW PTK 5PM
7/18/14 Friday MDW PLN 5:45PM
7/20/14 Sunday PLN PTK 2:30PM
7/20/14 Sunday PTK PLN 4PM
7/20/14 Sunday PTK MDW 3:30PM
7/20/14 Sunday PLN MDW 5:45PM
7/20/14 Sunday MDW PTK 4:15PM
7/20/14 Sunday MDW PLN 6:45PM
7/21/14 Monday PTK PLN 6AM
7/21/14 Monday PLN PTK 7:45AM
7/21/14 Monday PLN MDW 9AM
7/21/14 Monday MDW PLN 10:45AM
7/24/14 Thursday PTK MDW 8AM
7/24/14 Thursday PTK PLN 2:30PM
7/24/14 Thursday PLN MDW 4:19PM
7/24/14 Thursday MDW PTK 5PM
7/24/14 Thursday MDW PLN 5:45PM
7/25/14 Friday PTK MDW 9AM
7/25/14 Friday PLN PTK 1PM
7/25/14 Friday PTK PLN 2:30PM
7/25/14 Friday PLN MDW 4:19PM
7/25/14 Friday MDW PTK 5PM
7/25/14 Friday MDW PLN 5:45PM
7/27/14 Sunday PLN PTK 2:30PM
7/27/14 Sunday PTK PLN 4PM
7/27/14 Sunday PTK MDW 3:30PM
7/27/14 Sunday PLN MDW 5:45PM
7/27/14 Sunday MDW PTK 4:15PM
7/27/14 Sunday MDW PLN 6:45PM
7/28/14 Monday PTK PLN 6AM
7/28/14 Monday PLN PTK 7:45AM
7/28/14 Monday PLN MDW 9AM
7/28/14 Monday MDW PLN 10:45AM
7/31/14 Thursday PTK MDW 8AM
7/31/14 Thursday PTK PLN 2:30PM
7/31/14 Thursday PLN MDW 4:19PM
7/31/14 Thursday MDW PTK 5PM
7/31/14 Thursday MDW PLN 5:45PM
8/1/14 Friday PTK MDW 9AM
8/1/14 Friday PLN PTK 1PM
8/1/14 Friday PTK PLN 2:30PM
8/1/14 Friday PLN MDW 4:19PM
8/1/14 Friday MDW PTK 5PM
8/1/14 Friday MDW PLN 5:45PM
8/3/14 Sunday PLN PTK 2:30PM
8/3/14 Sunday PTK PLN 4PM
8/3/14 Sunday PTK MDW 3:30PM
8/3/14 Sunday PLN MDW 5:45PM
8/3/14 Sunday MDW PTK 4:15PM
8/3/14 Sunday MDW PLN 6:45PM
8/4/14 Monday PTK PLN 6AM
8/4/14 Monday PLN PTK 7:45AM
8/4/14 Monday PLN MDW 9AM
8/4/14 Monday MDW PLN 10:45AM
8/7/14 Thursday PTK MDW 8AM
8/7/14 Thursday PTK PLN 2:30PM
8/7/14 Thursday PLN MDW 4:19PM
8/7/14 Thursday MDW PTK 5PM
8/7/14 Thursday MDW PLN 5:45PM
8/8/14 Friday PTK MDW 9AM
8/8/14 Friday PLN PTK 1PM
8/8/14 Friday PTK PLN 2:30PM
8/8/14 Friday PLN MDW 4:19PM
8/8/14 Friday MDW PTK 5PM
8/8/14 Friday MDW PLN 5:45PM
8/10/14 Sunday PLN PTK 2:30PM
8/10/14 Sunday PTK PLN 4PM
8/10/14 Sunday PTK MDW 3:30PM
8/10/14 Sunday PLN MDW 5:45PM
8/10/14 Sunday MDW PTK 4:15PM
8/10/14 Sunday MDW PLN 6:45PM
8/11/14 Monday PTK PLN 6AM
8/11/14 Monday PLN PTK 7:45AM
8/11/14 Monday PLN MDW 9AM
8/11/14 Monday MDW PLN 10:45AM
8/14/14 Thursday PTK MDW 8AM
8/14/14 Thursday PTK PLN 2:30PM
8/14/14 Thursday PLN MDW 4:19PM
8/14/14 Thursday MDW PTK 5PM
8/14/14 Thursday MDW PLN 5:45PM
8/15/14 Friday PTK MDW 9AM
8/15/14 Friday PLN PTK 1PM
8/15/14 Friday PTK PLN 2:30PM
8/15/14 Friday PLN MDW 4:19PM
8/15/14 Friday MDW PTK 5PM
8/15/14 Friday MDW PLN 5:45PM
8/17/14 Sunday PLN PTK 2:30PM
8/17/14 Sunday PTK PLN 4PM
8/17/14 Sunday PTK MDW 3:30PM
8/17/14 Sunday PLN MDW 5:45PM
8/17/14 Sunday MDW PTK 4:15PM
8/17/14 Sunday MDW PLN 6:45PM
8/18/14 Monday PTK PLN 6AM
8/18/14 Monday PLN PTK 7:45AM
8/18/14 Monday PLN MDW 9AM
8/18/14 Monday MDW PLN 10:45AM
8/21/14 Thursday PTK MDW 8AM
8/21/14 Thursday PTK PLN 2:30PM
8/21/14 Thursday PLN MDW 4:19PM
8/21/14 Thursday MDW PTK 5PM
8/21/14 Thursday MDW PLN 5:45PM
8/22/14 Friday PTK MDW 9AM
8/22/14 Friday PLN PTK 1PM
8/22/14 Friday PTK PLN 2:30PM
8/22/14 Friday PLN MDW 4:19PM
8/22/14 Friday MDW PTK 5PM
8/22/14 Friday MDW PLN 5:45PM
8/24/14 Sunday PLN PTK 2:30PM
8/24/14 Sunday PTK PLN 4PM
8/24/14 Sunday PTK MDW 3:30PM
8/24/14 Sunday PLN MDW 5:45PM
8/24/14 Sunday MDW PTK 4:15PM
8/24/14 Sunday MDW PLN 6:45PM
8/25/14 Monday PTK PLN 6AM
8/25/14 Monday PLN PTK 7:45AM
8/25/14 Monday PLN MDW 9AM
8/25/14 Monday MDW PLN 10:45AM
8/28/14 Thursday PTK MDW 8AM
8/28/14 Thursday PTK PLN 2:30PM
8/28/14 Thursday PLN MDW 4:19PM
8/28/14 Thursday MDW PTK 5PM
8/28/14 Thursday MDW PLN 5:45PM
8/29/14 Friday PTK MDW 9AM
8/29/14 Friday PLN PTK 1PM
8/29/14 Friday PTK PLN 2:30PM
8/29/14 Friday PLN MDW 4:19PM
8/29/14 Friday MDW PTK 5PM
8/29/14 Friday MDW PLN 5:45PM
9/1/14 Monday PLN PTK 2:30PM
9/1/14 Monday PTK PLN 4PM
9/1/14 Monday PTK MDW 3:30PM
9/1/14 Monday PLN MDW 5:45PM
9/1/14 Monday MDW PTK 4:15PM
9/1/14 Monday MDW PLN 6:45PM
9/2/14 Tuesday PTK PLN 6AM
9/2/14 Tuesday PLN PTK 7:45AM
9/2/14 Tuesday PLN MDW 9AM
9/2/14 Tuesday MDW PLN 10:45AM
9/4/14 Thursday PTK MDW 8AM
9/4/14 Thursday PTK PLN 2:30PM
9/4/14 Thursday PLN MDW 4:19PM
9/4/14 Thursday MDW PTK 5PM
9/4/14 Thursday MDW PLN 5:45PM
9/5/14 Friday PTK MDW 9AM
9/5/14 Friday PLN PTK 1PM
9/5/14 Friday PTK PLN 2:30PM
9/5/14 Friday PLN MDW 4:19PM
9/5/14 Friday MDW PTK 5PM
9/5/14 Friday MDW PLN 5:45PM
9/7/14 Sunday PLN PTK 2:30PM
9/7/14 Sunday PTK PLN 4PM
9/7/14 Sunday PTK MDW 3:30PM
9/7/14 Sunday PLN MDW 5:45PM
9/7/14 Sunday MDW PTK 4:15PM
9/7/14 Sunday MDW PLN 6:45PM
9/8/14 Monday PTK PLN 6AM
9/8/14 Monday PLN PTK 7:45AM
9/8/14 Monday PLN MDW 9AM
9/8/14 Monday MDW PLN 10:45AM