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 Aircraft Information

 Lakeshore Express features one of the  safest and most comfortable aircrafts  available. The aircraft, a Saab 340B, was  recently refurbished and reconfigured  specifically for Lakeshore Express.

 Saab 340B

  • Turboprop aircraft
  • Aircraft possesses one of the best safety records in the industry
  • 30 seats with first class legroom

Leading Particulars

Length 19.73 m
Height 6.97 m
Wing span 21.44 m
Propeller ground clearance 0.51 m
Cargo door (H x W) 1.30 m x 1.35 m
Sill height, passenger door 1.64 m
Sill height, cargo door 1.68 m
Production serial no. 160–359/360–459

General Performance

Maximum cruise speed 283 kt
Maximum operating altitude 7620 m
Maximum fuel capacity 2580 kg


  GE CT7-9B
Maximum take-off power (ISA, APR) 1870 shp
Propeller Dowty Rotol/
Hamilton Sundstrand